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Welcome to Austin Pure Air

Austin Pure Air is proud to be the North American Distributor of new and world-leading GENANO® Technology Air Purifiers. Superbly energyefficient yet uniquely powerful, GENANO products destroy and safely remove 99.96% of all airborne particles-as small as 1 NANO-without needing to use any filter or UV lights. As certified by three separate International Research Laboratories, GENANO'S superior purification includes removal of all Viruses, Bacteria, Mold Spores (Allergens), DNA, Ultrafine Diesel Exhaust Particles, and all other fine or ultrafine toxic particles such as MRSA, SSARS, MERS, and other Superbugs.

Indoor air quality and energy efficiency are ever-growing concerns in today's world. With their long service of 12 to 30 years and their extremely low energy consumption, GENANO Air Purifiers magnificently solve both problems, saving health and even lives as they also provide substantial financial savings. Both our Portable Units (G310's) and our large In-Line 1000 Series Units are self-cleaning, work in all sizes of buildings, and provide an unmistakable advantage in the quest for healthful, invigorating indoor air.

We here at Austin Pure Air encourage you to enjoy the most advanced, most effective, most economical air purifiers in the world. GENANO!

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