It’s All About The Hard-Won Result of Years of Seriously Advanced, Amazing Science!

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It’s All About The Amazing Result of Advanced Science

That Was Hard-Won From 20 Years of Teamwork! 


Let’s face it, friends, things have changed significantly in our everyday lives over the past twenty years. Modern science has brought us some pretty phenomenal inventions over the course of just two decades, and those inventions are part of the warp and woof of just about everything we do now. 

There’s the free-flowing Internet. Cell phones are ubiquitous. 4DHD TV and even newer versions are razor sharp. Super-cool iMac’s and iPad’s and powerful PC’s and DVR’s and digital cameras can do incredible things.

And there’s lots more stuff than just that. The list is long. 

Things have really changed in our lives. And most of the results are profitable and fun.


There’s one bad thing that’s snuck up on us. And it's serious.

Yet most folks know have known little about it...until recently. The word is spreading.

But that one bad thing has gotten out of control and it's not fun to talk about.

We’d rather just ignore it.

We’d rather go on with our electronically enriched lives and not have to think about this one insidious enemy. Because it’s pretty much invisible and easy to dismiss, we might not give it the careful consideration we really, really need to. 

Shall we shut our eyes and our ears and block it out?

No can do. We have to buck up and face the fact:


Our indoor air quality has gone bad.

The air we breathe 90% of the time has

actually become 5-10 times worse than

what we find outdoors.


And old-technology fiber-filters – even as found in the “Top Ten Air Purifiers” rated on the Internet – simply can’t handle the myriad of pollutants and Nano-sized particulate matter that has invaded the interiors of our buildings more and more, and been steadily breathed into our lungs.

The sellers of these Top Ten units don’t want you to know that. They simply want you to swallow their deceptive touting of their .3 microns capture capacity. They’d prefer you didn’t even question how many particles are left floating in the air that passes through their filters.

But because they are so limited in their capture of the Total Particulate Counts in the modern society air we breathe, and because 90% of those counts is today left floating in the air to most assuredly harm our health, fiber filters – and even the best Ultra-HEPA filter-based systems – simply can no longer take care of us like they used to.

The truth is, the worst air you can breathe is indeed found indoors – in your home, your workplace, your hospital, your Senior Residence facility, etc. – and for this escalating problem we need a serious solution that is radically different from what has gone before. 

It’s the truth. We need a new, professional solution. A world-leading genius solution that is so powerful as to be...well, stunning.

Because scientists are putting out warning article after warning article, we must receive their encouragement to do the very best we can in businesses, health facilities, and residences to purify the air we breathe to a far greater extent than before.

And now….we can!

Here’s where some super-good news comes in – news you probably haven’t heard about in your neighborhood or at work or at church or at your gym. Here it is: Whereas modern electronic devices have potential negative side effects to using them all the time, there is a new invention – from the land of math and science geniuses, Finland! – that can work for our good 24-7-365.

That brilliant invention to help us is called GENANO Technology® and it’s coming to the U.S. in a big way.

Here’s the story. From about 1980 to 2000, a lead scientist and his university team of researchers in Finland pursued an elusive goal:

Filter-less free-flow air purification

 far more effective

in cleansing the indoor air we breathe

than filters ever could be.

This determined scientist was expert in his field and knew the severe limitations of filter-based systems. He knew they required lots of energy consumption to drive the air through them. He knew the filters themselves could only capture a small percentage of what threatens us in indoor environments and while they were being used, they became less and less effective as they inevitably got clogged up. 

And he knew they were hazardous materials they incubated pathogens right where people were supposed to be protected. 

The task was daunting. And it took twenty years of intensive trial and error, with the joint efforts of many assistants, for the lead Finnish scientist to finally perfect a genius integration of 3 pre-existing technologies, as described in the Science Paper we’re about to look at together. 

That genius integration he called GENANO Technology® because it ultra-purified down to a Nano-meter scale – like no filter-system in the world could do. It was a game-changing accomplishment.

And now, 3 separate International Independent Laboratories – STI of Finland, LNE of France, and RTI Labs of North Carolina – have all verified the astounding claims of GENANO-Finland to cleanse the indoor air we breathe so effectively that it is not only rendered virtually perfect to breathe but vitalizing in its effect on our health.

Want to believe? Want to know?

Want to understand the science behind the GENANO claim?

Here it is…enjoy!

(If it takes you more than one sitting to work your way through it, no problem!

It’s worth the effort…)




The Science and Scientific Verifications Of




The superior performance of GENANO TECHNOLOGY® is based on a globally patented method for indoor air ultra-purification. It eliminates microbes, catching particles down to a nanometer scale – .001 microns – while it also removes gases and odors.

This unique patented GENANO Technology® is based on co-operation between the process of ionization and electrostatic precipitation (attraction of particles) combined with a precise controlling influence and killing power of cold plasma. 

GENANO Technology® was originally developed in Finland for Clean Room air purification.



  1. First, contaminated air is drawn into the unit. Particles are charged negatively in powerful corona discharges. The negatively charged particles are attached to the positive collection surfaces.
  1. Particle-free air is then led through a special 3-layer active carbon capsule, which effectively removes VOC gases and odors.
  1. Outgoing ultrapure air is completely free from microbes and other particles as well as VOC’s/other gaseous substances and odors.
  1. Two portable GENANO models – the G310 and G5250 – have an automatic washing function, which reduces the need for maintenance and keeps the cleaning efficiency high at all times.
  1. GENANO 120 and GENANO Tube XS are the exception, utilizing instead a special collector module which captures both particulate matter and gaseous substances.



One of the main advantages of the unique, globally patented GENANO® system is that air purification takes place entirely inside the device and no particles or ions are distributed into the ambient room air. 

Other technologies, with mere ionization-based air purification methods, are typically accused of ozone production as a process by-product.

When it comes to GENANO, this claim is irrelevant. Though it is true that a small amount of ozone can be formed in GENANO’S ionization process, the units themselves do not produce a net increase of ozone. They actually reduce the concentration of ozone in ambient indoor air produced by other devices such as printers.

This is possible because the very small amount of ozone released in the closed cleaning process inside a GENANO air purifier is captured by the effective Active Carbon Collector.

A major advantage of a closed purification mechanism is that dead microbes, mold spores or ionized particles cannot escape the unit and re-enter the room. 

In addition, the powerful Active Carbon Capsule ensures that harmful gases and odors are removed from the indoor air.

 Only ultrapure air comes out!



The purification efficiency and performance of GENANO Technology has been researched comprehensively. GENANO air purifiers have been tested in versatile laboratory conditions, as well as in real use conditions.  

  • The particle removal efficiency of GENANO Technology® has been measured by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The reported efficiency was better than 99.5 % for all sizes between 0.003 - 10.0 μm and for all air flow rates.
  • The particle removal efficiency of a Portable GENANO Air Purifier was studied in a high-risk hospital room in a bone marrow transplantation unit by Istanbul University (Biomedical Device Technology).

   The GENANO 310 portable unit reduced the particle count
from 8 million to negligible within 15 minutes.

  • Cleanroom ISO 6 class was reached with a GENANO air purifier in study made by an indoor air expert company Epitek Ltd. The particle concentration of air was reduced to 1% in 13 minutes.
  • Tests by research company MetropoliLab showed that GENANO air purifiers are able to eliminate microbes. No viable microbes were observed in the decontaminated air or in the washing liquid inside the unit. 
  • In a research setting by Laboratoire National d’Essai, different microorganisms were spread in the air to study the purification ability of GENANO air purifiers. The entire population or bacteria Gram-, yeast and mold was removed in less than 40 minutes.


GENANO air purifiers have been tested with these microorganisms:

  • Acinetobacter
  • Aspergillus niger
  • Bacillus cereus
  • Bacillus subtilis var.niger
  • Candidas albicans
  • Enterobacter
  • Escherichia coli
  • Klebsiella
  • Micrococcus luteus
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Serratia marcescens
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Streptomyces


GENANO® Air Purifiers are designed to continuously recycle and ultra-purify indoor air, steadily improving the air quality using a normal air ventilation system. The portable stand-alone units are easy to move around when mobility is needed. 

Note: Devices based on filter technologies are penalized in the use of normal air ventilation systems because of increased pressure drop from the additional filtering mechanism. Unlike devices based on filter technologies, GENANO technology cleans the air in free air flow, so the air volume and the purification level are constant at all times.

GENANO air purifiers do not get clogged up by large amounts of particles, and no exchange of expensive filters is required.

GENANO Technology® in each of its models – portable and In-Line – is therefore a durable, economical solution with low need for maintenance. 

All GENANO air purifiers are designed and manufactured in Finland.



* Eliminates all microbes and inanimate particulates down to .001 microns in size.                                   
* Removes gases and odors with a powerful active carbon capsule.
* Operates with easy, low-cost maintenance using no disposable filters.


Research Results

The purification efficiency and performance of GENANO Technology® has been researched comprehensively. GENANO air purifiers have been tested in versatile laboratory conditions, as well as in real use conditions.

All reports shown below are given by unbiased research facilities. 

Microbial Control

Microbial Elimination   MetropoliLab, 2014

Tests by MetropoliLab shows that GENANO air purifiers are able to eliminate microbes. No viable microbes were observed in the decontaminated air or in the washing liquid inside the unit.

Air Purification in Hospital Critical Areas


Istanbul University, 2014

ISO 6 class cleanroom standards were achieved with GENANO air purifiers in a research by the Istanbul University. Decontamination time of 12-13 minutes was measured for the rooms. 


Recommendation for Hospital Critical Areas

Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia, 2012

Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia recommends using GENANO air purifiers in eliminating microbes (e.g. tuberculosis) from the critical areas in hospitals.


Microbiological Purification 

LNE, Paris 2005

In a research setting by Laboratoire National d’Essai, different microorganisms were spread in the air to study the purification ability of GENANO air purifiers. The entire population of bacteria Gram-, yeast, and mold was removed in less than 40 minutes. 


Laboratories and Cleanrooms

Ability to Remove DNA Fragments from the Air VTT, 2005

VTT tested the ability of GENANO unit to remove DNA fragments from the air. The test setting included the spreading of 264 base pair long fragments as an aerosol in the air.


Cleanroom rating and reduction in particles concentration Epitek Oy, 2013

Cleanroom ISO 6 class was reached with GENANO air purifier. The particle concentration of air was reduced to 1 % in 13 minutes.


Particle Measurements

Air delivery rate and particle measurements   VTT, 2014

VTT measured the air delivery rate and particle filtration capacity of GENANO 450 air purifier. Measurements were done using a system according to the European particle measurement standard EN779.


Particle removal efficiency

TTL, 2003


Finnish Institute of Occupational Health measured the particle removal efficiency of the GENANO air purifier. The reported efficiency was better than 99.5 % for all sizes between 0.003 – 10.0 μm and for all air flow rates.