"What's In YOUR Indoor Air?"



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The answer to the question is more important than you may know:



I'm thinking early this morning – as I sit here at my computer drinking my delicious hot K-Cup Donut Shop coffee! – about the dramatic difference between the skies of summer and the skies of winter here in beautiful Colorado Springs.

You see, I’d come across the following two photographs, and they are indeed worth a thousand words of description in showing the amazing contrast I’m talking about!


July 21, 2017    After A Summer Afternoon’s Thunderstorm




February 4, 2018    Just Before The Super Bowl!



From the first photo, you can see that we have some darkly dramatic summer weather here in the Springs. They call it the Monsoon Season Storms. But with that weather we get to enjoy some sensationally beautiful evening skies – after each afternoon's thunderstorm is gone. 


Several months later, there’s the frozen whiteness of winter, as you see above.

Such a contrast!

And here’s the thing: whether it’s the storms of summer or the snow and ice of winter, nature is always working to cleanse the outdoor air we breathe. Add in the sun and the wind, and we benefit from a continual natural process of air cleaning in a phenomenal way!

Yes, there may be pollution outdoors too. Especially in the cities. But even there nature works to cleanse the air as much as possible on a regular basis.

Which brings me to a slightly different version of the former question I asked… 

What’s in your indoor air?

Indoors, we have no such natural help as we find outdoors. And invisible particulates – about 20 million super-tiny particles per cubic foot of air we breathe! – enter our buildings through doors and windows. And there are even toxic VOC (volatile organic compound) gases produced by our indoor cooking. 

Not good. Both the particulates and the gases tend to linger in our indoor air and eventually get embedded in our carpets and drapes and furniture and walls, where they only accumulate over time.

Some particles that are biological can actually incubate and proliferate!

For example, mold spores.

What are we to do? The list of harmful particulates from modern society’s manufacturing and diesel exhaust and indoor cooking and mold allergens, etc., is long. Throw in fine and ultrafine dusts and even smoke and you’ve got a perfect storm of unseen stuff we’re breathing into our lungs and bloodstreams and organs and brains every time human movement stirs these microscopic enemies into the air. 

Just walk across the floor and stuff stirs up into our breathing space. Rustle the drapes. Sit down on furniture. Close a door. Open a door. 

That’s all it takes. 

So we really do need the very best help for our indoor air purity we can get. Scientists are warning us more and more, and there are entire industries devoted to helping us clean up our indoor breathing environments because they are so vital to our health.

Well, what if there were a revolutionary new technology coming from overseas – Finland, to be precise – and that astounding technology could radically improve the Indoor Air Quality of your facility or home or other building?

And what if that world-leading air purification technology could also save you boatloads of money in comparison to old-technology filter-based systems because it doesn’t use expensive filters at all and runs on the energy of a mere light bulb?

Would you be interested in hearing a little more about it?


I know what I’m presenting to you seems pretty incredible. But here’s the truth:

GENANO® Technology is 100 times
more powerful in its purification efficiency
than even the best filter-based systems.
And it uses NO filters or UV lights. 
Meanwhile, it cleanses down to a nanometer scale…
.001 microns for GENANO
.1 to .3 microns for filter-based systems

And guess what? 90% of indoor air particulates are smaller than filters can deal with, which is .1 microns with Ultra-HEPA.

I’ll say it again. Filters can’t capture 90% of what’s floating in your indoor air. And they certainly don’t destroy and safely remove them…

… like GENANO Technology® Air Purifiers do!!!


Then there’s the cost factor:

GENANO Technology® Total Costs are only about
15-20% of the Total Costs for filter-based systems .
You can say it this way:
For every $1.00 of Total GENANO Costs,
filter systems cost $5.00 or more.
 So…here I sit, still enjoying my Donut Shop coffee…and right near me is my portable G310 putting out 99.95% ultrapure air. I feel invigorated. Allergy symptoms-free. And my long term health is being protected from millions of particulates I’d otherwise be breathing in. 

And when I do go out for my walk later on, I’ll enjoy the sun and the breeze. And if it snows tomorrow, I’ll love that too.

But it’s here indoors where I have my purest air. Because of my GENANO Air Purifier ... costing me only a fraction of what an inadequate filter-based system would!