G310 Mid-Size Portable Unit

The G310 Air Purifier is a 1,000 to 3,000 sq. ft. range unit used to provide ultrapure air in healthcare facilities, living residences, manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, and medium-to-large office spaces. It has its greatest health protection impact in special highly contagious hospital areas such as ICU's, CCU's, and operating theaters that need their air super-cleansed at a nanometer scale for immuno-compromised patients. 

Clean rooms and doctor/dental labs around the globe also benefit from the G310's Total Particulate Count Capture of up to 99.95% as well as its nano-scale pufication efficiency. (Filter-based systems can only capture about 10% of the Total Ambient Particulate Count at .3 microns or larger.)

In addition, the G310 is suitable for production sites where impurities in the air such as fine and ultra-fine dusts must be removed for quality control and worker health safety. Also, food production sites especially need the G310 -- or perhaps G5250's for larger range applications.

The Activated Carbon Capsule in the G310 powerfully removes odors and VOC gases.

G310 Self-Cleaning: At weekly intervals, the G310 automatically self-washes with forceful internal showers.

Uses NO Filters (build-up of hazardous biological materials)

and NO UV Lights (risk of mercury vapor poisoning if broken)    

                            Built to last: 20+ years

Extremely Low Power consumption: 60-120 Watts

Average Monthly Electric Cost running 24/7 averages $9.50

(Energy costs are significantly higher in certain areas, such as the NE U.S. and in Hawaii)


Excellent Financing Available


Once you own your GENANO 310 Unit(s), the consistent monthly cost is only about $10/month -- which is far less than the steady monthly total costs for filter-based systems. This $10/month cost after a GENANO UNIT PURCHASE covers both the $9.50/month (aver.) energy cost and 50¢/month for GENANO PROFESSIONAL BIODEGRADABLE CLEANSING SOLUTION.

And even while financing your GENANO 310 purchase, your Total Costs will be less than that for 2 or more Filter-based systems -- which are required in order to match the range and service life of your GENANO 310 -- because of the high HEPA Filter replacement costs and super-high energy costs for HEPA-based systems. Utility costs run 8-9 times as much as the costs for the filter replacements themselves.