G5250 for Power Applications in Medical, Manufacturing, and More


Up to 99.95% Capture of Ambient Total Particulate Count

2,000 to 6,000 sq. ft. range

The G5250 is a MASSIVELY POWERFUL air purifier that has been developed especially for the most demanding of medical or commercial applications and for larger residences. 

Using the same patented world-class GENANO® Technology that our smaller models use, the G5250 ensures a safe and healthy work environment in laboratories, hospitals, medical centers, cleanrooms, and manufacturing or production work areas.

Its activated carbon cleaning component removes odors and gaseous contaminants such as VOC gases. And like the G310, the G5250 automatically self-washes at intervals with powerful internal showers.

There simply is no stronger or better machine in the world for superb indoor air quality than the G5250. Whereas Filter-Based Systems can only capture about 10% of Ambient Total Particulate Counts, GENANO Technology® captures, destroys, and safely removes up to 99.95% of all potentially toxic particulates.

Uses NO Filters or UV Lights      

Built to last: 20+ years

Extremely Low Power Consumption: 90-260 Watts                            

$14.00/month average electric cost vs. $76 for an Average Retail Cleaner

Medical Class 1 Device G5250 

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Excellent Financing Available



Once you own your G5250, for the following 16+ years, the consistent monthly cost  is only about $16/month -- which is far less than the steady monthly costs for filter-based systems. This $16/month after GENANO UNIT PURCHASE covers both the energy cost and $2.00/month for GENANO PROFESSIONAL BIODEGRADABLE CLEANSING SOLUTION.

And even while financing your GENANO purchase, your Total Costs will be less than that for 2 or more Filter-based systems -- which are required in order to match the range and service life of your GENANO -- because of the high HEPA Filter replacement costs and super-high energy costs for HEPA-based systems. Utility costs run 8-9 times as much as the costs for the filter replacements themselves.