Case Studies


Although Austin Pure Air has only recently begun its Distributorship work of bringing world-leading GENANO® TECHNOLOGY Air Purifiers to North America through its select Independent Agents, there are outstanding testimonies of previous GENANO installations in various places of the United States. This document summarizes those that have been witnessed personally by the CEO of Austin Pure Air, Walter Austin, Ph.D., C.P.A. and he is free to discuss any of these with you. Call Austin Pure Air at (719) 495-5028.

List of some Current GENANO Users in the U.S.A.

These are but a few of our customers who have allowed us to reference them and their experience with our GENANO® Technology.  There have been many other amazing stories--amazing only if you're not familiar with our products. 

GENANO - Case Sory in SUERC

 Genano® Technology, which cleanses the air of all kinds of airborne particles--even nanosized particles and molecules--is used to purify the indoor air in the laboratory of SUERC.

Because of the non-compromised air quality required in their Clean Rooms, they are built as positive pressure rooms, with 2 + 2 HEPA filters per room purifying the air.

Due to the internally raised concerns in 2012 about the air quality within one area of SUERC premises and possible health risks to the people working there, that area was closed and a thorough survey on the air was carried out.

Fighting against MERS-CoV in central hospitals in Saudi Arabia 

The MERS epidemic has been especially severe in Saudi Arabia, where 85% of all MERS cases have occurred. Hospitals there were not prepared for the amount of patients that desperately needed isolation rooms. But in Dammam Central Hospital, GENANO® TECHNOLOGY Air Purifiers have provided a wonderful solution. Read the dramatic details here.

The impact of a GENANO 310 UNIT on a MOLD LAB in a UNIVERSITY

A Science LAB was having problems with imported experimental plants.  MOLD was hindering their research and they had tried every known method to get rid of the MOLD without hurting the plants.  A GENANO 310 was installed in the lab.  Within 24 hours all the mold was gone.  Funds were not available to purchase the unit so it was removed after 2 weeks.  Within 1 day after removal of the Genano 310 the mold returned.


These are a FEW of the Applications that shows major impact where Genano units are used.

GENANO Case Study: The Story of Mobidiag

"The challenge in the air purification is not only the traditional particle purification, but for us the most critical part is the purification of the amplification product that we are making ourselves in the laboratory. A contamination of our samples or products with amplification products could cause wrong positive results in our diagnostics tests.  Please click to see video of this case. 

Also see video at:

Genano Case Study: The Story of Finnzymes

"Finnzymes has laboratories for DNA (research, analytics, diagnostics) and for the production of DNA and protein molecules. Part of the company's strategy is to ensure the purity of its products and that no contamination can be allowed to be present. The analytical methods it uses are extremely sensitive such that small amounts of DNA-molecules can be detected. By using air purifiers of Genano Technology®, Finnzymes has succeeded in minimizing the risks of contamination in their products,

Kappelimäen SCHOOL building in Finland

The air quality problems had been recognized a few years earlier; both teaching staff and pupils suffered from poor-air-quality-related health issues

EPA discusses 600 cities in Toxic Air

People living in nearly 600 neighborhoods across the country are breathing concentrations of toxic air pollutants that put them at a much greater risk of contracting cancer, according to new data from the Environmental Protection Agency.