"The Top 5 Reasons You Do NOT Want A Filter-Based Air Cleaning System!"

We've had HEPA filters for decades now. They're old technology. And there have been MULTIPLE problems associated with using them. Here's the explanation of those difficulties, and why GENANO is now the wonderfully preferable alternative!

GENANO Technology: How It Works!


GENANO Air Purifiers are the most technologically advanced, most powerful, and most economical in the world. Over 100 times more powerful than Filter-Based systems, they are also much more economical in Total Costs. Built to last 20+ years, each of the 3 Portable models runs on only a small amount of electricity and uses a small bit of distilled water for internal cleansing. No Filter of UV lights -- ever!

GENANO® Professional Air Decontamination for Hospitals

Mobidiag Laboratories: A GENANO® Customer Story